800 Number Resource.com is a division of Connection Tech Communications. Located in Darby, PA. CTC is a full service telecommunications provider. The company was founded in 2001 with the vision of helping businesses communicate more effectively with their customers. We provide telecommunications solutions to subscribers across the United States. In addition to 800NumberResource.com, CTC offers an array of hosted voice and fax solutions.

We stay up to date with advances in the telecommunications industry. We are constantly adding new value-added services and features to increase scalability and performance.  

We measure the success of our company by the satisfaction of our customers. We love receiving feedback from you. From single end users to enterprise clients We put the customer in control! 

If you have any questions about us or the products and services we render, our contact info is below. 

Connection Tech Communications
636 Greenway Ave Suite A       
  Darby PA 19023
Phone 1-888-858-4665
 Monday - Saturday 10 - 6pm Eastern.
Fax 1-866-804-5391
Email sales@connectiontech.net




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