While touring our site, you may not understand some of the terminology.

Use the glossary below for reference.     



1. billing increments – The fractional measurements of elapsed time in seconds or minutes in which calls are billed. We bill in 6 second increments. You will wind up spending more if you are billed in 30 second or 1 minute increments.

2. carrier-grade – Highly scalable in features and functionality. Designed for a large customer base. 

3. latency – In telecommunications this is the measurement of speech delays in phone conversations. 

4. monthly minute allowance – The amount of minutes included per month with your monthly service fee.

5. overage per minute rate – The per minute fee that is billed once the monthly minute allowance is exceeded within a 30 day billing cycle.

6. port – Transferring a toll free number to another carrier. If you acquire a new toll free number that is portable, if need be you are permitted to “port” it over to another carrier.

7. resporg form – Short for Responsible Organization Transfer Form. This form is necessary to port a toll free number from an existing carrier to a new carrier. It must be filled out, signed and submitted to the new carrier that the subscriber wishes to transfer the number to. Once submitted, it usually takes about 3-7 days for the process to be finalized.

8. vanity number – A number that has advertising appeal. Easy to remember and has relevance to your business, product or service that you sell. E.g. 1-866-207-COOL. For more information on vanity numbers call 1-888-858-4665.

9. VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol.


10. web interface – Secure web login area for subscribers where modifications can be made to their account.




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