New! "Pay As You Go" Rate! $6.95 Per Month and 3.9 cents per minute. If you do not expect to use more than 500 minutes monthly, but would still like to enjoy our low 3.9 cents per minute rate, then select this option on the sign up page. You can always upgrade to the "Toll Free Advantage" plan at a later date if you like. There is a one time activation fee of $10.00. Total start up costs are $16.95 then $6.95 each month thereafter.

Other Rate Plans

Monthly Fee

Monthly Minute Allowance Included

Overage Per Minute Rate

  One Time   Activation Fee

Toll Free Advantage


500 (3.9 cents per min)

3.9 cents


  Toll Free Horizon


250 (4.4 cents per min)

4.4 cents


  Toll Free Primary


100 (4.9 cents per min)

4.9 cents


Free Trial Service

Try Before You Buy! No Set Up Fees! 60 Minutes Free! No Risk Or Obligation!

After your service is activated, if need be, you will have the option of changing your rate plan in the future at anytime. Billing is done in 6 second increments. There is no double - legged billing, long term contracts, hidden costs or obligations. Service can be cancelled at anytime.

If you transfer an existing toll free number to our carrier or if you acquire a vanity number (1-877-555-COOL) there will be a one time $26.95 fee for either of these services.

If you would like to set up an accont, please contact us at 1-888-858-4665.




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