Quick Service Activation

Service set up and running within 5 minutes. You will receive your number in minutes not days! Within minutes you receive a confirmation email with your toll free number and password. After logging into our subscribers area, enter your 10 digit ring-to number and click submit. Itís that simple!

Inexpensive Rates

Low 3.9 Cents Per Minute. View our rate plans.

 6 Second Billing Increments

We offer billing in 6 second increments. You will wind up losing money with 30 second or 1 minute billing. When companies don't mention what increments they bill in, they may be hiding their intent to bill you in increments larger than 6 seconds.

 No Double-legged Billing or Hidden Fees

Double-legged billing is a charge for an outbound phone call made by the carrier to bridge the caller waiting on hold with the subscriber. This usually applies to unified messaging services where the caller first hears an initial greeting or menu with options then makes a selection to speak with the subscriber. Here at 800numberresource.com we offer basic toll free service as opposed to unified messaging and voice mail services. We do not have double - legged billing. Once the caller dials your toll free number they are connected straight through to you without any greetings or menus. With our service you are billed just one per minute rate all the time - 3.9 cents per minute.

 Toll Free Number Inventory Selection   

Select an 800, 888, 877 or 866 number from our existing inventory. We have hundreds oftoll free numbers to choose from. 

 No Credit Checks Necessary

We do not have to run a credit check on your personal credit history. We will not ask you for your social security number, ask for you to prepay, make deposits, or place a credit limit on your account.

        Vanity Numbers Available.       

You can make a request to obtain a toll free vanity number. For example, "1-877-555-READ". Learn more about vanity numbers>>>

 Web Based Account Administration

Change your ring-to number online. Set up schedules to have your ring-to number changed automatically. View online call detail reports.

 High Service Reliability

A must have for handling important sales calls and speaking with the people you love such as your friends and family.

 Clear Sound Quality

Service reliability is #1 on our list and should be with any service provider. We have a redundant network and power supply prepared for emergencies and high volume usage. Our track record with service uptime is nearly 100%

 30 Day Money Back Guaranee

If for any reason you're not satisfied with the quality of our service you will receive a full refund of the start up costs. We even offer a Free Trial Service.


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