A vanity number is a number that has advertising appeal. They're very easy to remember and contain a word(s) that has relevance to your business, product or service that you sell. For example, 1-866-207-COOL. Vanity numbers sometime have no words and the simply contain numbers that are easy to remember. For example 1-888-222-1234 or 1-877-222-5566. Vanity numbers may enhance credibility with your business and make it easier for your customers to remember how to dial you.


Vanity numbers are not difficult to acquire. If itís not in the possession of another toll free carrier then itís yours! We will charge you a one time fee of $19.95. We will have your new toll free vanity number set up and ready for use in just 1-3 business days. Your toll free number and login information will be sent to your email. You can login, enter your 10 digit ring-to number and start receiving calls right away! Send an email to sales@connectiontech.net and include of the toll free vanity number(s) that you are interested in. Or, call 1-888-858-4665 and speak with a representive.




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